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Health Arts Leadership Summit, Brisbane 2017

28 August 2017

Members of our Leadership Groups from all over Australia gathered in Brisbane recently to discuss leadership for the Arts and Health sector and how we can foster the growth and development of the...

ArtsFront - A New Vision for the Arts in Australia

15 December 2016

Part project, part ideology, ArtsFront is a vehicle for collaboration and engagement, encouraging artists to stand up and take the lead in relation to national arts policy.  It is the brainchild...

Practitioner Profile - Neal Price

15 August 2016

Neal Price is the Chairperson of the Institute's Arts and Health Leadership Group in Queensland.  We sat down with Neal this week to find out more about his experience in arts and health and how...

Arts and Health Forum: Making the Connections Video Content

12 August 2016

If you missed the Arts and Health Forum - Making Connections, don't despair all of the content is available via video from the Country Arts Website.  Great speakers, informative presentations - a...

Leadership Profile - Dr Claire Hooker: Chair of the NSW Arts and Health Leadership Group

15 April 2016

Our newly minted Leadership Groups are off and running in most States. Their main goals are to foster leadership in our sector and bump up our ability to advocate on important issues. Each Group...

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