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New Research: Arts Key to Healing in Hospitals

13 August 2016

Examination of the Use of Arts to Improve Health and Healing in Western Australia Hospitals was prepared by Kim Gibson and Liesbeth Goedhardt for the Consortium.  It details the state of play in relation to arts in hospitals in Western Australia and outlines 5 Key Recommendations. 

It suggests the development of a joint policy between the Departments of Culture and the Arts and Health that requires both public and private health service providers to deliver on the Western Australian implementation of the National Arts and Health Framework. 

Key findings include: 

  • 75% of hospitals surveyed and interviewed indicate that they deliver Arts and Health Activity.
  • Consumers are very supportive of access to arts interventions whilst in hospital as either a patient of a visitor.
  • There is little evidence of overall coordination, strategy and planning to underpin Arts and Health activity on hospital sites. 
  • The top 5 issues identified as barriers by hospital respondents are staff capacity, funding, space/ time, coordination and patient safety. 

To view the full report refer to the link below.