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Refugee Women’s Workshop


The Institute for Creative Health supported the work of the Refugee Art Project through the provision of funding for the Refugee Women’s Creative Art Workshop Initiative.

The three-month program commenced in mid-February 2013 with workshops being held every Friday until early May 2013. The free workshop, takes place at Parramatta Artists Studios, and is open to refugee women of all ages – current participants include refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Ethiopia. The program is structured to teach participants new techniques and different ways of making art.

The program will culminate in an art exhibition/community event that will bring refugee women, the extended refugee community and the broader Western Sydney community together.

The program has been developed as a means of contributing positively to both the personal mental health of the women involved in the program as well as enhancing community relations through the friendships formed within the class, through the engagement of participants in visual art learning, and through interactions with the wider community during the public exhibition at the completion of the program.