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Out of the Shadows


The Institute for Creative Health (ICH) in partnership with the Centre Against Violence (CAV) in North East Victoria delivered Out of the Shadows.  Focusing on the use of original songwriting and visual arts in family violence services, the project is the first stage of a major project, which aims to see musicians and artists embedded in family violence services nationally.   The Goodridge Foundation has generously provided financial support for the Out of the Shadows project. 

A series of intensive workshops were held in January 2017 with survivors of Family Violence who participated in songwriting, singing and visual arts activities.   Through the project, participants were encouraged to share their stories, reflect on their strengths and gain confidence to speak up and connect with others in the community. 

Looking at prevention as a long term solution Out of the Shadows is also exploring methodologies to work with young men that are at risk of perpetrating and providing opportunities for growth, self-reflection and behaviour change through interaction with music and arts. 


Project Partners: 

The Goodridge Foundation, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Centre Against Violence. 

Project Team: 

Dr Emma O'Brien OAM (lead)

Maz McGann

Jacquie Coupe

Cate Geard

Kerry Burns

Centre Against Violence