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Health Arts Action Leadership Project


HAALP is a sector development capacity building program, which means we are dedicating some time and resources to work on the sector, to make it stronger, rather than in it.  The project will focus on building the leadership capacity of the sector – both on an individual level and from a “whole of sector” perspective.  It provides people within the Creative Health Sector with an opportunity to learn, develop new skills, extend their networks and hopefully make a difference – helping the sector to be stronger and more effective.

The project has been designed to:

  • Strengthen the Creative Health network nationally through face-to-face and online meetings.
  • Up-skill existing and emerging Creative Health Leaders in Australia through training and development.
  • Provide an opportunity for Leadership Groups to test their newly developed skills in a practical way through the development and implementation of Creative Health Action Plans.
  • Develop state-based creative health strategies that influence policy and increase access to the creative health environments. 
Project Partners: 

Department of Communications and the Arts 

Project Team: 
  • Maz McGann: Project Manager
  • State Based Creative Health Leadership Groups