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Arts Tonic - SA Creative Health Leadership Group Project


The Arts Tonic Series was developed by the South Australia Creative Health Leadership Group to promote the value of arts to individual and community health in a variety of settings.  There is a series of printed postcards and a poster that are being circulated by members of the group in South Australia and a downloadable E-Book which can be accessed via the link below.  Along with the captivating imagery created by Bit Scribbly Design, the postcards have a series of key facts about arts and health and references to the source material.  An E-Book with all the images and detailed links to the references that provide evidence for the statements made within the series has also been developed and is available below.  

The Arts Tonic Series is designed to appeal to people who are working in arts, health and community environments and provide people with some easy to digest facts that are sourced from peer reviewed research papers.  The resources highlight evidence regarding the value of arts and creativity in a variety of settings from primary health and aged care to childhood development and neighbourhood renewal. 

The SA Leadership Group hopes they will act as a useful advocacy tool that encourages people to think about the value of arts to individual and community health and wellbeing more broadly.  Hopefully it will encourage people to think about arts and cultural alternatives when they are wanting to maintain and improve their health.  

Arts Tonic series. Developed by the South Australian Creative Health Leadership Group, with support from the Institute for Creative Health. Content developed by Urbanmind. Illustrations and design by Bit Scribbly Design. 2019

For more information about the Arts Tonic Series contact Maz McGann on 0438 807 973.

All of the resources can be downloaded via our research page via this link. 

Arts Tonic Resources.