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What We Believe


We believe in the intrinsic value the Creative Arts bring to health and wellbeing and that all people and communities should have equal access to quality and creative health experiences.


Our Mission

To use evidence-based creative health models as a centre of excellence to:

  • design, deliver and evaluate creative health projects that improve people’s wellbeing. 

  • collaborate with organisations and use creative health to improve service delivery and achieve their organisational objectives. 

  • contribute to and grow a resilient and sustainable creative health sector.


Our Vision

  • Arts are embedded in healthcare settings (e.g. hospitals, aged care facilities, community health centres, schools, family services, community hubs, and health promotion agencies).
  • More people have an opportunity to participate in the arts and to feel better.
  • More artists who are trained, supported and well-equipped, working in health care settings.


Our Values

  • Excellence: 
We value professional standards and quality in both outcomes and processes
  • Integrity: 
Our creative health methods are evidence-based and widely used in practice 

  • Inclusiveness: 
Our creative health projects are accessible to all 

  • Transparency: 
We adhere to rigorous governance and are accountable to our stakeholders


Our Goals

Creative Health Impact

Build on established ICH initiatives and develop new creative health projects for people and communities to improve their health and wellbeing by engaging with the Arts.

Creative Health Leadership

Set standards for best practice and excellence  in Creative Health and with ICH as the peak body and as a centre for excellence.

Creative Health Sector Development

Support a culture of leadership, advocacy and accountability in the sector.

Creative Health Sustainability

Maintain a strong organisation with a diversified funding model and increased operational capacity.