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What We Believe

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make the arts an accepted component of health.


What We Do

We use evidence-based practice to:

  • Deliver arts projects that improve people’s health and wellbeing and encourage participation in arts activity.
  • Change healthcare delivery and improve patient experiences.
  • Help health organisations use the arts to achieve their aims and objectives.
  • Improve the impact of health care messages by delivering them through arts activities.



  • Arts are embedded in healthcare settings (e.g. hospitals, aged care facilities, community health centres, schools, family services, community hubs, and health promotion agencies).
  • More people have an opportunity to participate in the arts and to feel better.
  • More artists who are trained, supported and well-equipped, working in health care settings.


Our Values

  • Inclusiveness – all Australians have access to arts and health programs.
  • Integrity – our methods are evidence-based and put into practice.
  • Excellence – we value professional standards and quality in both outcomes and processes, for the arts and for health.


Our Goals

The Institute for Creative Health has identified four strategic goals that provide a focus for our work over the next five years.  

Goal 1             Embed arts practice within healthcare settings.

Goal 2             Maximise arts practice within the community.

Goal 3             Strengthen the capacity of artists and organisations to deliver quality arts and health programs.

Goal 4             Maintain a strong organisation.