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About Creative Health

The Institute for Creative Health to Voluntarily Cease Operations After Championing the Development of a Vibrant Australian Arts in Health Sector 

Please refer to the Communique from the Chair, Michael Brogan.


‘Creative Health’ encompasses all arts and health interventions and experiences delivered in partnership with individuals (clients, patients, general public), communities and multi-skilled professionals (including but not limited to medical, nursing, allied health professionals, art & music therapists, psychologists, community workers, artists, educators) across the broad spectrum of health and wellbeing. Participation and engagement with ‘Creative Health’ includes arts forms such as music, dance, visual arts, drama, and creative writing. Levels of participation and engagement may vary across the trajectory of wellness, illness, and rehabilitation, with the aim of improved wellbeing and better health outcomes. ‘Creative Health’ is delivered and experienced in diverse settings, is driven by equity of access, connectivity, celebrates innovation and champions evidence based practice.

Traditionally Creative Health practice was identified with hospital settings and the practice of Creative Health as a specialised aspect of Community and Cultural Development (CACD) work that has emerged in the last decade. 

About Us

Established in 2006, The Institute for Creative Health has grown to be one of the leading arts and health agencies in Australia and is recognised worldwide, largely due to our work leading the development of the National Arts and Health Framework.   We are a national independent, not for-profit Australian organisation that advocates for the arts to be delivered within health and social service organisations and the broader community.  We develop creative health projects that improve people’s health and wellbeing and support practitioners and organisations to better deliver creative health programs.

We maintain rigorous governance and effective project management skills to deliver arts and health projects nationally. We are a resilient, committed and resourceful organisation with two appointed positions (an Executive Director and Sector Development/Liaison Manager), contracted project artists, a Board of Directors,  Ambassadors who include high profile artists, creative health, and research individuals and a consumer advocate, a cohort of volunteers and committed pro-bono service providers.

The Institute for Creative Health works collaboratively and in partnership with a range of others including past and current partners; Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Sydney, Westfund Health, Notre Dame University, NSW Health, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Ausdance Victoria and VicHealth. Our pro-bono supporters include PricewaterhouseCoopers and More recently The Institute has established State and Territory Arts and Health Leadership Groups and a Donor Advisory Group, both of which contribute to our advocacy, program development and the sustainability of the organisation. 


A Simple Overview

Check out our Creative Health infographic that provides a simple view of Arts and Health.


‘Creative Health’ - Arts and Health Definition – from the National Arts and Health Framework (NAHF)

In its broadest sense, arts and health refers to the practice of applying arts initiatives to health problems and health promoting settings. It involves all art forms and may be focused at any point in the health care continuum. It also has an impact on the determinants of ill health by changing individuals’ attitudes to health risks and supporting community resilience.

Arts and health initiatives can be delivered across a range of settings. Benefits can accrue for all stakeholders including government, health service providers, artists, those in health care and the wider community and include improved communication, better understanding, attitudinal change and clinical outcomes. Arts and health activities have their effect through different means and are achieved through experiencing the arts as an artist or creator, as a participant or member of an audience.

 National Arts and Health Framework


'Creative Health' - Arts and Health Around Australia and the World

Research: We maintain a list of research documents from around the world.

Projects and Programs:  Check out Arts and Health projects that are happening around Australia.

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Arts and Health Organisations

There are a range of organisations situated in Australia and around the world that can provide more information about Arts and Health.